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IT Operations Analytics

Modern Applications and Complex Infrastructures Require ITOA 2.0

The importance of digital transformation continues to grow and the interest in the potential around data-driven decision-making is more prominent. The spotlight is on the tools and services being used for application and infrastructure management and monitoring.

Trace3 is dedicated to ensuring your business has a highly reliable IT operations platform enabling all of your infrastructure data to work for your organization effectively, and efficiently with maximum utility to drive intelligent decision-making.

Accelerate Business Transformation

An ITOA 2.0 approach empowers IT by leveraging data science, next generation platforms and tools to drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

We take the concept of ITOA to the next level. Our prescriptive “System of Action” model includes six key functional areas over which we apply a broader context encompassing People, Process, and Product. Through the “System of Action” model, we define and align an ITOA transformational journey for your business.

Enable IT Operations Through a System of Action

The ITOA ‘System of Action’ Delivers Value in the following areas

Monitoring System

Includes various tools used to collect telemetry and provides the ability to understand how services and resources are being consumed and utilized.

Data Management

This layer captures data and events over long periods of time to discover patterns, detect anomalies, and provide a historical view of behavior.


Content presented in a meaningful way enabling the right decision in a timely manner.

System of Engagement

A methodology to collect, aggregate, correlate, and enrich events in real-time generated by the monitoring ecosystem.

System of Automation

Enables event driven changes to be enacted within IT operations programmatically – often associated with self healing.

System of Record

Provides multiple functions including incident response and problem management for event enrichment and SLA monitoring.

Deliver Highly Reliable Applications

Empower your business and drive efficiency with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The exponential growth in volume combined with the critical importance of operations data is challenging businesses. Teams are overwhelmed attempting to inspect and manage all the information to appropriately support business critical applications and infrastructure with legacy toolsets. As containers, multi-cloud, and microservices create further complex application environments; it is imperative businesses evolve and adopt the performance monitoring tools capable of collecting, storing, and analyzing the deluge of data.

Our architects and engineers will guide your team to assess, design, deploy, and manage the next generation of tools and processes to ensure your businesses is effectively managing your operations data.

ITOA Services

Our consultative approach to understanding challenges and business objectives promotes a collaborative environment ensuring your business has a highly reliable operations platform enabling all of your infrastructure data to work effectively and efficiently for your organization with maximum utility to drive intelligent decision-making.

ITOA Leadership

  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Services
  • Processes
  • Customers

ITOA Envisioning

  • Technology Landscape
  • Building Blocks
  • Current State
  • Future State
  • Implementation Strategy

Operational Assessment

  • Perceived Obstacles
  • Review & Inspect
  • People & Processes
  • Best Practices
  • Analyze & Report

Sentry Services

  • Initial Assessment
  • Growth Planning
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Provisioning
  • Quarterly Review