New Threat Vectors Require a Sophisticated Response

The world is undergoing a profound digital transformation, at Trace3 our mission is to empower businesses to take the necessary steps to thrive in this digital age.

Trace3 has doubled down on our security business to make a strategic difference for those who have an overwhelming desire to strengthen their security defenses.

Elite Engineers at the Front Line

As your enterprise embraces digital transformation it faces an entirely new set of cyber-security risks. The cloud, mobility and big data offer exciting new possibilities for your business but at the same time present malicious new threats to your intellectual property, assets and users. Trace3 Security works to identify and address these risks early, deploy your IT resources efficiently, and protect your environment and data prudently. Now you can apply the industry’s most forward-thinking solutions from Trace3 to revitalize your cyber-security program, and operate from a platform that enables you to take the risks you need to profit and grow.

Prepare for Tomorrow’s Cyber Security Threats Today

The Trace3 Business Security Unit is Built on 4 Key Practice Areas


  • Cloud Identity Services & Governance
  • Privilege Access Management
  • Single Sign On for SAAS Solutions
  • User Behavior Analytics


  • Delivering next gen security operations center
  • Security Analytics
  • Work-flow Automation
  • Incident Response
  • End Point Security
  • Threat Hunting
  • Digital Forensics Investigations


  • DLP (Data Leakage Prevention)
  • Data Rights Management
  • Encryption
  • Database Security
  • App Security


  • Standard Consulting Method
  • Envision, Engage, Evolve

Identify and Remediate Security Threats

As the usage of digital devices is increasing, organizations are now faced with situations requiring digital forensics expertise. The Trace3 Digital Forensics Team empowers organizations by offering the following services:

• Risk mitigation with people and organizational health
• Incident response paired with forensics
• Information Risk Mitigation (Secure erase & reissuing of devices)
• Non-standard device forensics and analysis

eDiscovery Consulting Services

Our eDiscovery process involves the preservation, collection, analysis, and production of relevant data as it pertains to both business and legal requests.

Trace3 is your expert third party guide leveraging advanced data processing techniques coupled with cutting edge software to support your data discovery requirements.

Our proven data process methodology delivers relevant results:
Acquisition | Ingestion | Processing | Production

Complex business infrastructures challenge in-house teams ill-equipped to acquire relevant content for use as evidence in a trial, pre-litigation activity, or other. Our team possesses the tools, resources, and experience required to help your business execute a complete and thorough investigation of your company owned data.

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Security Business Unit Overview

Threat vectors and business risks continue to evolve creating a constantly changing cybersecurity landscape. Trace3 Security helps you develop a strategy to protect your enterprise today and prepare for the threats of tomorrow.

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Identity & Access Management

Organizations depend on IT to secure its data and protect the enterprise. As workforces grow and users become increasingly mobile, connecting to resources from multiple devices presents unique challenges. Because of this, the ability for IT to provide fast, seamless, and secure access to the appropriate resources is critical.

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Data Security

Trace3's Data Security team seeks to improve both your use of technology and your internal policies and protocols in order to develop a more integrated and efficient approach to securing your data.

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Security Operations

Trace3's Security Operations experts help you navigate through current threat vectors and prepare your enterprise for future risks before they occur.

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Digital Forensics

Organizations are now faced with situations requiring digital forensics expertise. Unfortunately, most organizations tend to lack information, lack talent/expertise/tooling, face possible violations or pending litigations (HIPPA, PCI, SOX), and encounter abuse of technology.

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eDiscovery Consulting Services

The eDiscovery process involves the preservation, collection, analysis, and production of relevant data as it pertains to legal requests.

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