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VC Briefings

Venture Capital Briefing Program

Get the Inside Track

Our exclusive Venture Capital briefings connect you to the most effective emerging technologies for transformative results of your business

In order to gain a competitive advantage it is imperative to stay ahead of the innovation curve by being the first to leverage bleeding edge technology companies. At our exclusive VC briefings, you can be inspired to achieve limitless success through IT. Our Silicon Valley connections allow us to match your organization with the emerging technologies and subject matter experts that are solving the most painful problems in the industry.

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Venture Relations

Partnering with technology companies and premier Silicon Valley venture capital firms to offer innovative solutions for real business challenges.

Amidst today’s accelerated marketplace, identifying and leveraging the right technologies ahead of the competition can provide both an edge in performance and a growth in revenue. The conundrum is, how to recognize what’s relevant before change eclipses exposure.

At a Trace3 VC Briefing, you will spend a day in Silicon Valley speaking with companies hand selected to suit your organization’s most challenging issues. You will discover new technologies and approaches targeted to solve your organizational concerns.

Emerging Tech VC Briefings

Partnering with technology companies and premier Silicon Valley venture capital firms to offer innovative solutions for real business challenges.

The Trace3 Innovation Group engages with your organization to develop a deep understanding or your interests, needs, and challenges. Our team then determines the Venture Capital firm’s portfolio of technologies which best match your requirements to build an impactful briefing for you and your team. The hands-on process results in a fully customized agenda, explicitly tailored to your needs and specific areas of interest.

How can our experts help you harness the value of your VC Briefing?


Taking an immersive look at your environment and needs, our team works with you to determine which emerging technology companies are best suited to your priorities. This allows us to create a fully customized agenda that serves your business goals

Technology Speed Dating

In just a single day in Silicon Valley, we’ll introduce you to roughly 10 companies in various phases of maturation and development. Founders and/or senior executives from each company will meet with you for about a half an hour to give an overview of their solution and identify if their tech is the right fit for your needs

Your Choice

The priorities and pain points of your organization determine the completely customized agenda. After you’ve met with the various companies you’ve selected, you decide which ones you’d like to follow up with—and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way

New Technology Engagements

Leveraging relationships with venture capital firms and emerging technology companies, Trace3 curates purpose built agendas and hosts briefings at a venue convenient for you.

At a Trace3 hosted briefing, you will spend your time hearing from and speaking with companies hand selected to address a prescriptive thematic theatre. Through the New Technology Engagements program, you will discover emerging technologies and approaches targeted to solve challenges and concerns specifically aligned with unique industry verticals and market segments.

Our Innovation team works closely with the Research and Venture Relations teams to collectively identify the emerging technology trends, industry and market shifts, and client strategy and innovation needs to develop impactful Technology Engagement briefings.

How VC Briefings and New Technology Engagements Work

VC Presentations

Spend a day in the Silicon Valley speaking with early stage start-ups hand selected to suit your organization’s most immediate tactical issues and long-term strategy objectives.

Emerging Tech Presentations

Aligned to your most pressing technology issues, we search across dozens of VC partner portfolios to identify from thousands of emerging technologies the tech that best match your imperatives.


Through a facilitated feedback session, we will guide you through the process to determine the most impactful technologies and define how best to bring them back into your enterprise.

Follow-on Debrief

After a laser focused briefing session, Trace3 will continue to play a key role in the relationships you’ve developed with the most promising tech start-ups and influential VC firms in the world.

Emerging Tech Transactions

The VC Briefing program will equip your team to identify and select the most relevant solutions for your key initiatives. You decide who earns the right to engage, and Trace3 will help every step of the way.

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