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New Threat Vectors Require a Sophisticated Response

The world is undergoing a profound digital transformation, at Trace3 our mission is to empower businesses to take the necessary steps to thrive in this digital age.

As businesses embrace digital transformation, new cyber security risks emerge presenting threats to your intellectual property, assets, and users. Trace3 Security helps enterprises identify and address risks early, deploy IT resources efficiently, and protect environments and data prudently.

Secure Access for Your Organization by Implementing Zero Trust

Most data breaches are caused by excess trust in your network.

Zero Trust secures all access points across your organization by requiring assets and people to earn trust before granting access to your environment. When you implement Zero Trust into your security plan, you remove the overall cybersecurity risk across the network, endpoints, and cloud.

Today’s organizations need a fresh security model that more effectively responds to the changing IT landscape, embraces the mobile workforce, and protects data, people, devices, and applications from any location. The Trace3 Zero Trust security framework helps you prevent unauthorized access, contain breaches, and reduce the risk of an intruder’s lateral movement through your network.

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Aligning, Designing, and Evolving Security

Your Business Demands a Comprehensive and Consistent Approach


The Security Solutions consulting team helps businesses develop a comprehensive strategy to create a security program that protects the enterprise today and prepare for the threats of tomorrow. Our team of experts identify and address risks early, deploys IT resources efficiently, and protects environments and data prudently, enabling your business to take the risks you need to profit and grow.


The need to successfully bridge the gap between strategy and technology is critical as your organization strives to identify the innovation and emerging technology to effectively grow and secure the business. Our Security consultants actively engage with your team to discuss the challenges, investigate the options, and identify the appropriate solutions to address your most challenging business problems.


The introduction of a product or software offering to support a proposed solution is directly correlated to the thorough understanding of your requirements and desired outcomes. Trace3 engineers possess a deep understanding of the available product offerings enabling a recommendation consistent with your needs. Our agnostic approach to technology products ensures your objectives are the priority and appropriately addressed.

Tackle Tomorrow’s Cyber Security Threats Today

The Trace3 Security Solutions Practice Encompasses 5 Key Practice Areas

Executive Security Services

Our senior security leader advisory services focused on venture capital and emerging technology solution briefings, training and awareness programs, rapid security program development utilizing sprints, security underground updates, and CISO engagement / networking events.

Identity and Access Management

Innovative next-generation IAM solutions securely enable an advanced digital business environment lowering operating cost, increasing efficiency, accelerating performance, and improving security. Focus areas include: Identity Governance, Privileged Access Management, and Authentication Management Services.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Assess and improve your security program by aligning with industry standards and strategically maturing core elements with practical policies and procedures. Stay ahead of complex regulatory and compliance obligations by implementing right-sized solutions.

Security Architecture & Engineering

Develop and implement a layered security strategy across identity, data, network, and endpoints in order to increase visibility and secure your next-generation infrastructure. Our engineers advise on and implement zero-trust architectures, leading practice configuration management, and DevSecOps practices.

Security Intelligence

Move beyond traditional penetration testing and strategies leveraging an innovative approach to compromise security to ensure systems, devices, and users are secure and safe from threats and attacks. Our security operations center (SOC) design team helps leverage tools and intelligence that enable threat detection and prevention, as well as rapid response.

Incident Response Services Prevention & Preparation

Threat vectors and malicious attackers continuously evolve creating a persistent need for advanced security planning, capabilities, and readiness.

Your business is focused on securing the business and minimizing risk while managing finite resources and expertise. To help you overcome the challenges, Trace3 has developed a purpose-built Incident Response services offering to prepare and protect your business and counteract any threats from wreaking havoc on your day-to-day operations.

Identity and Access Management Security Assessment Services

Securely manage the ever-changing demands on your business applications.

Gain control of identity-related issues as well as the complexity associated with virtual infrastructures, mobile platforms, and hybrid, on-premises, and cloud applications leveraging our team of experts.

The IAM assessment will help your team determine the tasks, level of effort, and the options available to deploy and integrate identity access management and governance tools to improve security, performance, and peace of mind, all while enhancing the overall user experience.

The assessment deliverables provide a plan and recommendations, based on industry-leading cybersecurity frameworks, to put your organization on a trajectory to reduce risks returning value quickly by lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

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eDiscovery Consulting Services

Empower your team to appropriately preserve, collect, analyze, and produce relevant data for business and legal requests.

Complex business infrastructures challenge in-house teams ill-equipped to acquire relevant content for use as evidence in a trial, pre-litigation activity, or other. Our team possesses the tools, resources, and experience required to help your business execute a complete and thorough investigation of your company-owned data.

A proven data process methodology delivers relevant results:
Acquisition | Ingestion | Processing | Production

Our team will support your business and guide you leveraging advanced data processing techniques and cutting edge software to support all of your data discovery requirements.

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Transform Your Enterprise Security Posture

Design and implement innovative security solutions to protect assets, improve operational efficiency, and enable faster growth.

IT leaders are challenged to deploy and maintain technology and processes to support and sustain competitive advantage. We understand the dynamic security landscape and have a plan to help your business develop a strategy aligned to business outcomes to protect the enterprise today and prepare for the threats of tomorrow.

Discover and deploy the industry’s most forward-thinking solutions to revitalize your cybersecurity program and operate from a platform enabling you to take the risks you need to profit and grow.