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Ever-Changing IT Landscape

Optimize your existing strategies through personalized training and emerging tech access, courtesy of Trace3’s intensive transformation workshops.

Leveraging our position as a Transformative IT Authority, we offer customized workshops that help you to align your team and IT infrastructure with your company goals. From resource allocation to data security, we examine your existing data management strategies and individual projects to provide personalized training. We connect you with the emerging tech you need to securely manage your data while meeting your business objectives.

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Cloud Workshops

Expedition Workshop

Get a deeper understanding of cloud computing solutions—and get a headstart on designing your customized cloud strategy.

  • Explore key aspects of infrastructure services, architectures, methodologies, and popular use-cases
  • Understand the approach to service delivery vs. infrastructure building
  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive roadmap to your cloud strategy
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Data Intelligence Workshops

Expedition Workshop

Classroom-style education covering advanced data intelligence topics, common use-cases, and the best innovative solutions available in the market

Discovery Workshop

Onsite technology assessment of current data platforms, data sources, and data processes, plus recommendations and transitional roadmaps to a next-generation platform

Envision Workshop

Onsite engagement focused on identifying business objectives and requirements in order to design a next-generation platform, plus staff transformation services

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Organizational Health Workshops

In addition to optimizing your IT infrastructure and data management, Trace3 provides organizational health offerings to create unified teams, strong leaders, and clear objectives.

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