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SEP 24, 2014

Technologies to Consider for a Strong Big Data Program

Today, data management is not only an important competency for organizations, but also a crucial differentiator that can determine market winners and losers. Web pioneers are innovating the way data is managed and Fortune 1000 companies and government bodies are adopting Big Data.

AUG 22, 2014

Today’s Databases are Structured. Tomorrow’s Data Won’t Be

90% of the data generated in the next decade will be unstructured yet most of today’s databases are built to handle structured data. NoSQL provides one alternative. By Troy Cogburn – Trace3 Contributor    What is NoSQL? NoSQL (Not only SQL) is an emerging open-source database approach that uses a schema-less design and distributed architectures […]

JUL 14, 2014

The Buzz Behind Big Data

In the last two years the buzz term “big data” has become nearly as popular as SEO. Enterprise professionals (from sales and marketing to business executives alike) have been recognizing the advantages of big data and its innovative infrastructure.

JUL 08, 2014

Your Company and the Three V’s of Big Data

Join us as we take a look at three of the fundamental elements of a successful Big Data initiative. These three items, commonly referred to as the “3 V’s,”
are volume, velocity, and variety. Each category requires its own technology for handling data processing and storage functionality.

MAR 28, 2014

Big Data, Done NOW!

By now you must be familiar with the term “Big Data”, but are you familiar with all of the benefits it can bring to your organization?