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OCT 02, 2017

Let’s Get Real: The Truth about Artificial Intelligence

When was your first time? Was it when you read ‘I Robot’ (1950; a collection of short stories by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov)?  Watching 2001 Space Odyssey (1968; film by Stanley Kubrick). Or was it when you purchased a Roomba vacuum cleaner in 2005, played ‘Middle Earth – Shadow of Modor” in 2014, or […]

NOV 09, 2015

Easy Desktop/Application Delivery

By Kevin Martin, Solution Architect, Trace3 | Trace3 has recently been in discussions with a company called Workspot, whom I feel can make a significant impact in the virtual desktop space.

JUN 08, 2015

All Hail the Application with Trace3 & Cisco ACI

Trace3 relies on and partners with companies whose products are of the highest quality and whose technologies have proven success. It’s for these reasons that we work closely with Cisco and their ACI solution, which is one of the main focuses at Cisco Live.

MAY 01, 2015

Building Your IT Infrastructure for the Internet of Things

Handling a Big Data infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges that today’s businesses are facing – in fact, as noted in a recent discussion by Dell, it’s only going to get worse as time goes by. Fortunately, there are several things a business can do to build a Big Data infrastructure that’s ready for the future.

NOV 05, 2014

Adding Business Value with Big Data

Here at Trace3, we approach Big Data a little differently- we see it as a valuable business-enabling tool. When leveraged correctly, this data empowers companies to make business-focused decisions and allows them to be agile based on organizational trends.

SEP 25, 2014

Driving Retail Success with Machine Data Intelligence

Transform the complexities in the retail and e-commerce business such as the growing volume of data, unforeseen spikes in business and payment processing into key business advantages- learn how in our latest live webinar.

SEP 24, 2014

Technologies to Consider for a Strong Big Data Program

Today, data management is not only an important competency for organizations, but also a crucial differentiator that can determine market winners and losers. Web pioneers are innovating the way data is managed and Fortune 1000 companies and government bodies are adopting Big Data.

AUG 22, 2014

Today’s Databases are Structured. Tomorrow’s Data Won’t Be

90% of the data generated in the next decade will be unstructured yet most of today’s databases are built to handle structured data. NoSQL provides one alternative. By Troy Cogburn – Trace3 Contributor    What is NoSQL? NoSQL (Not only SQL) is an emerging open-source database approach that uses a schema-less design and distributed architectures […]

JUL 14, 2014

The Buzz Behind Big Data

In the last two years the buzz term “big data” has become nearly as popular as SEO. Enterprise professionals (from sales and marketing to business executives alike) have been recognizing the advantages of big data and its innovative infrastructure.