The Rep of the Future Never Concedes Innovation

MAR 18, 2015

By Josh Berezin

Innovation is a critical component of organizational success. Here at Trace3, we’ve seen this over the course of the last few years. We’ve also seen too many established companies struggle with implementing new technologies and adopting the improvements that lead to business growth and market domination. We’re a company focused on forward motion and customer success- conceding innovation just isn’t an option. In a world where businesses are hesitant to change, we strive to help organizations push past any barriers to solve their business problems.

Innovation can be a scary word. It means different things to different people, but it’s usually associated with high costs, perceived workforce downsizing, and having to learn new and complex technology systems, among other concerns. Therefore user adoption is a barrier that we must break down. There is an enormous cost to organizations that do not adopt new and innovative ways of doing business and running their companies. As an organization, we strive to educate and justify new technologies to change our clients’ fears into hope for the future. We endeavor to change perceptions, put security concerns to bed, and help companies focus on governance as we improve their processes.

Moving forward, Trace3 will offer a service in partnership with The Lean Startup creator Eric Ries to assist companies establish transformational leadership. This new offering will curate meetings between major companies and clients to help them create products internally and get user adoption up front.

Organizations who fail to innovate become stagnate, and ultimately lose their competitive edge. Modern consumers (in both the general population and as business customers) have very high expectations of the organizations they do business with, and companies who make it a priority to innovate properly are far more successful and equipped to handle the growing needs of their clients. The ability to quickly integrate technology as it becomes available is paramount in using technology to further business goals. Internal IT Departments are being required to produce enterprise grade services for their business units, which can be difficult with personnel and budget restraints. This is why many companies are turning to third party organizations for innovation. The ability to innovate and iterate is faster than it has ever been before. The benefits companies see from new initiatives like Big Data and Cloud Computing are game changing, but few want to endure the pain of that change.

Here at Trace3, we know the power of that change. We’ve seen, in the organizations of hundreds of successful companies, the impact new technologies have on business decisions. From tracking and metrics to trends and new ways to secure data, technological innovation is a constant in a sea of corporate uncertainty. And Trace3 will continue to make it a constant as we help companies grow and adopt new technologies to solve their business problems.

Josh Berezin is the president of Trace3, you can reach Josh via twitter @joshberezin


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