The Cloud

Lead Your Industry Through Cloud Solutions

Take your competitive edge to the next level by transitioning to the cloud.

A Strategic Move

By taking an immersive approach to your data management needs, Trace3 provides a cloud computing strategy that allows you to transition your data to your personalized cloud solution with confidence.

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All-Encompassing Cloud Solutions

We provide extensive education, performance/hardware-specific cloud infrastructures, and scalable developmental services to ensure that your business operates more efficiently, flexibly, and competitively than anyone else in your industry.

Tackle Challenges with the Cloud

IT as a Service

ITaaS gives you the capabilities and flexibility to provide IT services with efficiency and automation. Start delivering your offerings at the speed you need to surpass your customers' expectations. When your business runs more efficiently and responsively, you can spend less time managing—and more time growing.

Cloud at Work

Highly Effective, Highly Personalized

As part of your personalized cloud solution, you get…

  • Cost-effective, private-cloud security
  • Accommodation of unique performance/hardware requirements
  • End-user computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capability
  • Disaster recovery assistance
  • Software development lifecycle needs

Let DevOps Deliver for Your Business

Our DevOps services allow you to deliver applications quickly, reliably, and cost effectively. When you can rapidly provide code and feature updates to your products, you can build trust with your customers. Let us give you the tools you need to out-deliver the competition.

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Experience the Power of the Cloud

Expedition Workshop

Get a deeper understanding of the cloud—and start designing your personalized cloud solution. In our Expedition Workshop, you can explore key aspects of cloud architectures and methodologies, examine popular use-cases, and learn how to develop a roadmap for your cloud strategy.

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100-Day Cloud Strategy

To develop a consistent cloud experience that meets all of your needs, we offer a 100-day cloud plan personalized to your information management infrastructure. Starting with a pilot and culminating with an advanced, user-focused platform, your cloud computing solution can streamline your IT services.

Enterprise System Management

With ESM, you can holistically view and manage your users’ experience—even when you don’t own the service. This lets you tap into the services to manage and configure them in a way that optimizes the users' environment. You can even track down problems and review data to see business impact. Take charge of your data with ESM.

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Public Cloud

Through our cloud-first approach, we carefully select the data and applications that belong in the cloud. Our expert engineers analyze the environment and take a detailed look at your infrastructure to make strategic recommendations for your public cloud usage. Through careful planning, we create a highly operational, secure environment that is efficient and cost effective.