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HPE StoreOnce Backup

HPE StoreOnce Backup protects expanding data with the fastest backup on the market.

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HPE StoreOnce

Deduplicate Anywhere, Replicate Everywhere

HPE StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst software is an agile, efficient, and secure backup and recovery solution that can decrease management in large environments. HPE StoreOnce is the only federated deduplication technology in the industry, which allows dedupe to be done anywhere and controls the movement of dehydrated data across the enterprise using your backup application.

  • Fast - Reduce time spent managing storage and eliminate the learning curve.
  • Flexible - Reduce storage capacity requirements by 50%.
  • Federated - Business continuity and data protection paired with assured resiliency.
  • Risk-Free - Non-disruptive, risk-free data mobility between systems.

Confidently Protect Data in Virtualized Environments

HPE StoreOnce VSA is a virtual appliance that delivers fast, efficient, and scalable backup and eliminates the need for dedicated hardware. Without dedicated hardware, flexibility increases and costs decrease through optimized use of storage, rack space, and power.

Affordable Entry-Level Backup Appliance

HPE StoreOnce is a perfect balance of cost, capacity, and performance for small datacenter, and remote or branch offices. HPE StoreOnce 3100 delivers entry-level disk-based backup and disaster recovery that has 5.5TB of usable capacity and speeds up to 6.4 TB/hour with StoreOnce Catalyst.

Scalable Backup and Restore

StoreOnce 3520 and 3540 systems deliver scalable backup and restore for small to midsized datacenters. The StoreOnce 3520 is a scalable 2U appliance that offers from 7.5 to 15.5 TB of usable capacity. The StoreOnce 3540 offers from 16 to 31.5 TB of usable capacity.

Enterprise Datacenter Backup and Recovery

StoreOnce 5100 provides cost-effective backup with deduplication for on-site data retention and off-site disaster recovery for midsize to enterprise data centers. StoreOnce 5100 delivers a scalable 2U to 12U solution from 36 to 216TB of usable capacity. When using HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, backup window speeds go up to 26.7TB/hour to meet demands of all environments.

Backup for Datacenters

StoreOnce 5500 delivers a highly scalable 7U to 12U solution from 36TB to 864TB of usable capacity. StoreOnce 5500 has speeds up to 37.7TB/hour with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst for protection of over 150TB of data in a 4-hour window.

The HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 is the only platform that offers the performance required to double virtual machine density on physical servers. Store all your data on a single system that enables simplicity in data migration, and meets block, file, and object storage needs without disruption.

Scale and Resiliency

StoreOnce 6600 provides disk-based backup and deduplication for enterprise datacenters for a more cost-effective, longer term on-site data retention and off-site disaster recovery. StoreOnce 6600 offers scalability from 72TB to 1728TB of usable capacity.

As the platinum standard for Tier-1 storage, the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 Storage meets the needs of hybrid, private cloud and ITaaS environments. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 arrays allow clients to overcome flexibility and high costs of IT sprawl, so resources can be shifted away from operations and toward innovation and strategic initiatives.

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