Tony Bushell

OCT 09, 2016

Tony is the Chief Transformation & Strategy Officer at Trace3. In his role at Trace3 Tony is responsible for driving and facilitating organizational change that will help Trace3 to both identify and execute opportunities for profitable growth within existing business units as well as untapped markets.  Tony will focus on accelerating transformation by identifying strategies to prioritize resources and direct investment to generate the greatest strategic benefit for the company.  In the role, Tony acts as the high-level orchestrator of a complex process involving large numbers of discrete initiatives with responsibility for making the day-to-day decisions and implementing those initiatives.  Tony works diligently to inspire employees and act as a role model to facilitate the behavior needed to encourage and embed change and strike the right balance between short-term improvement and long-term value. 

Bushell has over 20 years’ experience in IT that includes independent consulting for companies ranging from start-ups to Cisco. Prior to joining Trace3, he was the Director of Infrastructure for a Trace3 client and his exposure to the local account and engineering teams on multiple projects drew him to join the team at Trace3. In his 10 year tenure at Trace3, Bushell has held various positions including District Engineering Manager, General Manager for the Western  US, and most recently Executive Vice President of Engineering.

Bushell graduated from Thames Valley University in London and now lives in Colorado since 2001. When not working, enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.