Todd Gallina

OCT 06, 2016

Todd Gallina is the Vice President of Marketing for Trace3. He’s been with the company since 2008.  Over the past 10 months The Trace3 Marketing team has rebranded the company as “The Transformative IT Authority” and created awareness plans focused on its 3 key market differentiators. Elite Engineering, Executive Services and it focus on Introducing New Technology to it’s customers.  Over the next 6 months Trace3 will be rolling out a 4th campaign focused on our new Security Practice. Trace3 has received coverage from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CIO Magazine and Wired. Before Trace3 Todd was a Director at Digital River, Inc where he created User Experience for Microsoft, Philips, Kodak and Mattel. Todd lives in Laguna Niguel California with his wife and 2 high school kids.