Sandy Salty

SEP 05, 2016

Sandy Salty joined Trace3 in 2006 as hire #33 and has been responsible for the launch of many divisions including the Marketing Department and the Partner Management Team. Sandy has helped shape the brand of the company and transform Trace3 from a VAR to an Innovation and Transformation Partner through her conception of the Annual Evolve Conference, the Outlier Awards, the Client Advisory Board, and Trace3’s Portfolio Advancement Services (PAS). In addition to brand impact, she has been successful in identifying various sources of capital infusion for the company yielding 4.4M in pure capital and another 4M in Partnership Development funds in 2015 alone. This capital has been instrumental in growing net income by as well as lauching new practices that keep trace3 ahead of the innovation curve.

Currently, Sandy and her team manage Trace3’s Partner ecosystem and she places heavy focus on high-potential partnerships, for which she employs a developed methodology to yield high growth, typically yielding an average of 30% YoY top-line growth trajectory. She continues to manage partner investments and has set and achieved record breaking growth.

Sandy graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelors Degree in Information & Computer Science.