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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Businesses are increasing their investment in public and hybrid cloud solutions.

Moving applications to the cloud requires detailed planning to avoid potential delays, service interruptions, and project failure.

Many organizations don’t fully understand the connectivity and performance issues in their current environment, so it can take months or even years to decide what to move and where to move it.


Every business is unique, our team works directly with you throughout the process to ensure success.

Our team will evaluate your existing infrastructure, assess your options, ensure a successful migration, and monitor and manage your new cloud environment if needed. A cloud migration service will help shorten project timelines, lower migration costs, and ensure minimal business interruption.

Creating a Plan

When you’re under pressure to leverage the cloud and define its value, you may not know where to begin.

You may have started to identify workloads to migrate but may not have explored the actual transition of existing applications to the cloud. Trace3 offers five services that can be used in a variety of combinations to ensure your migration is successful.


Our engineers will map your entire infrastructure and link the software and infrastructure to the business services provided to your organization. This will determine how the migration will impact your business and mitigate any associated risks.

Cost Transparency & Projections

We’ll articulate the financial costs, migration efforts, and operational requirements across multiple cloud providers and compare it to your existing infrastructure. A comprehensive report will be provided that helps you anticipate these costs and develop financial parameters.


Helping you move workloads efficiently without interrupting business or assuming additional risks is our top priority. Our team quickly migrates physical and cloud-ready workloads and re-hosts applications. Trace3 captures, deploys, and syncs workloads and performs testing and verification.


Once you have migrated to the cloud, Trace3 will help you evaluate your workflows and determine how to optimize your usage. One of the main benefits of the cloud is the ability to increase your cloud usage and grow, we’ll help evaluate your current cloud situation and provide insight on how to scale your growth optimally with all costs considered.

Management & Monitoring

Applications still require monitoring and maintenance once cloud migration is finished. Trace3 offers around the clock monitoring for all your cloud services and can build a plan for defining what needs to be managed. We’ll build policies to guide configuration, installation, access control, budgeting, and reporting.