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Administrator Turnover Service

Administrator Turnover Service

Administrator Turnover Service

Ensure access to sensitive & critical information is protected when faced with IT employee turnover.

Does your organization have both proactive and reactive plans and processes in place to mitigate the risks inherent to IT employee turnover?

An ex-employee or contractor should not have access to company resources in the event their services are no longer needed. Trace3 offers an Administrator Turnover Service (ATS) that is focused on resolving these challenges.


IT professionals often have administrator privileges, rights, and access to sensitive or critical information and systems within an organization.

ATS helps address the following high-level questions and challenges management faces as the result of IT turnover:

  • Identify and disable all means of access to the environment for the user
  • Identify all places where User ID’s are stored and need to be changed
  • Evaluate encryption keys
  • Review logs for signs of previous abuse and suspend user accounts
  • Evaluate user workstation, e-mail, and company e-mail
  • Assess company property in the employee’s possession
  • Examine systems and remove user as an “authorized contact”
  • Evaluate critical systems for security vulnerabilities


Having a plan in place proactively ensures all access is disabled for any given user without compromising the system’s functionality.

When used reactively, access to the network and critical systems can be monitored while steps are taken to identify points of entry and prevent unauthorized access.