APR 27, 2016

Trace3 Venture Capital CIO Briefing Program Adds In-Depth Industry Research To Help CIOs Identify and Adopt Cutting Edge Technologies

IRVINE, Calif., April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Trace3, a pioneer in digital business transformation, has added a new research component to its popular Venture Capital CIO Briefing program which brings together Trace3 clients, venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs to accelerate the successful adoption of disruptive technologies in the enterprise.

“This Venture Capital CIO Briefing program radically changes the nature of our client relationships by giving IT executives early access to the next game-changing, disruptive technologies, and making introductions to entrepreneurs who may wind up being very successful long-term partners,” said Chad Cardenas, President of Trace3.

Trace3 has updated the Venture Capital CIO Briefing program this year by incorporating exhaustive findings from its in-house Innovation Research Team. This industry research is designed to give CIOs a 360-degree balanced view of any emerging technologies, including their competitive benefits and potential drawbacks.

The Venture Capital CIO Briefing program empowers CIOs to transform their businesses by giving them access to the most groundbreaking and futuristic technologies in the areas of cloud, big data, virtualization, security, and converged infrastructure. The briefing program is helpful because each offering is customized to meet the buyer’s specific IT needs, according to Bryan Ferrel, Chief Technology Officer for Envision Healthcare.

“Trace3 was able to understand our key business initiatives and create, along with the venture firms we visited, a completely personalized experience mapped specifically to our priorities,” Ferrel said. “This experience allowed us to be more strategic with our thinking around the solutions we implement.”

The program’s goal is to help CIOs discover new tools that can drive strategic growth and business transformation, rather than just maintain operational efficiency. IT buyers get to meet with innovative entrepreneurs in “speed-dating sessions” to explore fresh products and services, rather than rehashing offerings from the more established, safe-bet tech vendors.

“Trace3’s Venture Capital CIO Briefing Program has been vital in helping me and my team get a sense for the trends that are defining our technology future,” said Niel Nickolaisen, CTO of O.C. Tanner. “We get incredible value from seeing not only which companies are being funded but also seeing the macro-trends common in the investment categories. The Trace3 program helps define what my portfolio should include in two to three years, and that gives me a jump on my competition. Even better, by involving my executive team peers in the program, they understand how my choices are building towards the future.”

To support the vetting and integration of game-changing solutions, Trace3 has also forged strong partnerships with premier VC firms such as Venrock and Norwest Venture Partners. CIOs meet with the top VC partners and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley for high level thought-leadership discussions that shape how future technology and business strategies are formed.

The Venture Capital CIO Briefing program allows IT buyers to gain exposure to the most cutting-edge datacenter technologies coming out of Silicon Valley. The networking sessions also benefit VCs and tech startups by giving them helpful advice and constructive feedback from actual IT buyers, noted Doug Dooley, Venture Capitalist at Venrock.

“The Trace3 briefings provide a valuable feedback loop for us as investors, while enabling our portfolio companies to gather insights from prospective customers,” Dooley said. “These insights can help shape product development and ultimately speed the pace of adoption in the marketplace.”

The Venture Capital CIO Briefing program provides a compelling format for manufacturers to get firsthand buyer insights about what really matters in the IT market, according to Joe Sexton, president of worldwide field operations at AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company helping to power enterprise digital transformation.

“Our platform is relied on by some of the top brands in the world to deliver business-critical insights to enable them to more effectively compete and win in their market,” said Sexton. “To ensure we continue to provide the most cutting-edge technologies to meet our customers’ business needs, it is imperative that we engage with IT leaders to get ongoing feedback on our platform. Trace3’s program provides an intimate setting to do just that.”

“In today’s consolidating tech industry, traditional VARs and systems integrators provide less value than ever before. This program underscores how Trace3 is making investments into offerings that create tremendous value for our clients,” said Chad Cardenas, President of Trace3.

About Trace3:

As an integrated Transformative IT Authority, Trace3 is the premier provider of IT solutions and consultation services. Through elite engineering and dynamic innovation, we empower executives and organizations to keep pace within the corporate landscape.

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