APR 15, 2014

Trace3 Survey Finds CIOs Blocked on Technology Adoption

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trace3, a pioneer in business transformation solutions, today announced a new survey of global CIOs which finds most companies are blocked by internal processes that limit the adoption of new technologies needed to move their businesses forward.

“Companies today have an unprecedented opportunity to embrace technology in a way that drives top-line growth and contributes to their competitive differentiation and market expansion”

According to the survey, 47% of CIOs agree that the overall goal of IT is to provide a framework to support innovation and drive revenue. However, only 10% of those surveyed said their teams are kept “well updated” on initiatives and rollout schedules, and are given enough knowledge to immediately incorporate these technologies into their long-term objectives.

More than half (52%) of those surveyed said their company has “no system in place” to leverage employee insights and experiences. Of those surveyed, 69% said that communication was only “good” or “fair” at their companies, and 21% said it was “poor.” The biggest roadblocks to successful technology adoption were split between a lack of management support (32%); difficulty engaging and training employees (35%); and an inability to customize systems to specific IT needs (28%).

“Companies today have an unprecedented opportunity to embrace technology in a way that drives top-line growth and contributes to their competitive differentiation and market expansion,” said Josh Berezin, President of Trace3. “However, our survey shows that most companies have only scratched the surface in their ability to leverage the latest, most cutting-edge technologies in a way that moves the business forward. The role of IT is rapidly moving up the value chain within organizations and has evolved far beyond process efficiency, but companies still face serious challenges from a people and process standpoint in their ability to fully embrace and utilize the latest technology innovations.”

In spite of significant technology potential, more than half of companies surveyed said they take a “reactive approach” to technology adoption, based on immediate business needs rather than a push for new levels of innovation. On the other hand, 40% of those surveyed consider their companies to be innovative, where everyone is encouraged to experiment with new technologies to find new ways to move the company’s objectives forward.

Other key findings:

  • Only 18% of those surveyed said the IT department is “critical” and that nothing important happens without involving the CIO.
  • 45% of those surveyed said the IT department is “important” in that the company values the insights and opinions of IT leaders, and tries to use technology to move the business forward.
  • 34% still believe the IT department is focused on “back-end processes,” and is “not generally” part of larger strategic decisions.
  • Only 15% said executives at every level are constantly looking for new ways to push the envelope on technology and integrate the newest solutions into as many business initiatives as possible. 44% said executives are “hungry” for technology, and 37% are “neutral.”
  • 48% of those surveyed said their company is “solid” when it comes to delivering a new initiative. However, the other 52% admitted they are “slow”, “shaky” or “shameful.”

The survey was conducted online in the first quarter of 2014, featuring more than 100 responses from global CXOs, Vice Presidents/Directors of Business Operations and IT Directors.


  • Infographic – IT Leaders Stymied on Next-Generation Technology Deployments: What’s Stifling Technology Innovation?

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