FEB 04, 2014

Trace3 Partners with Silicon Valley VCs and Entrepreneurs to Equip Global CIOs with the Latest Disruptive Technologies


Trace3, a solutions provider that reduces complexity within an IT infrastructure, today launched a technology innovation program that brings together Trace3 clients, venture capitalists and technology entrepreneurs in a way that benefits all parties and accelerates successful adoption of disruptive technology in the enterprise.

The program empowers CIOs to transform their business by giving them access to the most groundbreaking and futuristic technologies in the areas of big data, cloud, virtualization, security, and converged infrastructure. Trace3 also connects CIOs into the top VC partners and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to create high level thought-leadership discussions that shape how future technology and business strategies are formed.

Trace3 has forged partnerships with premiere VCs such as Greylock Partners and Andreessen Horowitz to aid in the knowledge sharing, research, vetting, and integration of game-changing solutions that help CIOs embrace new ideas to drive strategic growth initiatives and business transformation, rather than just operational efficiency.

DIRECTV is one of hundreds of companies currently working with Trace3 as part of this landmark innovation program, and regularly meets with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to explore fresh ideas rather than just “safe-bet” established technology vendors.

Mike Benson, CIO, DIRECTV, said, “At DIRECTV we ask ourselves this question: ‘How do we win the race to innovate when the finish line keeps moving?’ We believe that building relationships with Venture Capital Firms (VCs) and entrepreneurs gets us on the right path to win the innovation race and provides an opportunity for implementing business solutions to meet business challenges at DIRECTV. Trace3 has given DIRECTV the opportunity to form these VC partnerships that allow us to identify high potential, high risk, growth startup companies that will provide innovation to DIRECTV.

Asheem Chandna, Investment Partner at Greylock Partners, said, “Trace3 has designed a refreshingly innovative program. The briefings provide a valuable feedback loop for us as investors, while enabling our portfolio companies to gather insights from real users. These insights can help shape product development and ultimately speed the pace of adoption in the marketplace.”

As part of the program, CIOs not only have an opportunity to meet with game-changing start-ups, but also have exposure to the largest Silicon Valley VCs that back them, which often leads to other types of partnerships that help shape tomorrow’s most influential technology solutions.

VCs receive feedback from real end users on the technologies in their investment portfolio, and entrepreneurs are able to collect end-user feedback to help further develop, refine and take to market a range of disruptive technologies.

“The CIO briefing initiative that the Trace3 team has kicked off is an invaluable vehicle for us to get first hand customer insights into what really matters. As a young, fast growing company it is critical that we continue to engage with IT and Innovation teams at every level in leading organizations to better inform our development and product decisions. Combining these insights with our respective strengths and intellectual property can bring about meaningful IT change and business impact and result in a true trusted advisor relationship,” said Jyoti Bansal, Founder and CEO of AppDynamics.

Trace3, which works with more than 2,000 globally recognized companies, seeks first to understand a CIO’s unique business and IT challenges, and then works to introduce the company to entrepreneurs and technology solutions that not only help overcome today’s challenges, but seek to leverage IT in a way that transforms the business and contributes to a company’s growth and competitive advantage.

“This program radically changes the nature of our client relationships by giving them early access to the next game-changing, disruptive technologies and entrepreneurs who may wind up being very successful long term partners,” said Chad Cardenas, Chief Innovation Officer of Trace3. “In today’s fast-changing and consolidating tech industry, traditional VARs and SIs provide less value than ever before. This program underscores how Trace3 is making investments ahead of the business into offerings that create relevance with clients.”

About Trace3

Founded in 2002, Trace3, a pioneer in business transformation solutions, empowers organizations to lead their market space by keeping pace with the rapid changes in IT innovations ensuring relevance to specific business initiatives required to maximize revenue generation by leveraging the latest Silicon Valley, cloud, big data and datacenter technologies maximizing organizational health. We have a unique ability to deliver optimal solutions combined with our talented team and over 10 years of documented best practices that unify people, process and technology. Over 2,000 globally recognized companies trust in Trace3 to stay relevant and innovative in today’s highly competitive market. Please visit our website at www.trace3evolve.stgng.com.


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