November Moments

NOV 16, 2013

What an intense time this has been…

In the month of November 2013 I have seen things occur that made me sit back and take inventory of my business life. That is kind of a funny way to say it, right? I did not write my business career, I wrote my business life. It is probably just me but I associate “up and to the right” with a career. In Life, I think about ups and downs associated with emotions like happy and sad. So for me, it is a business life and in November I have had some moments worth mentioning.

Moment #1 – A Moment of Clarity

I am honored to be a member of the board of Project Hope Alliance (PHA). I joined the board years ago. When I joined it was a charity that helped transport, educate, and serve 30-35 homeless/motel children. Except for one exceptional man, the entire board and the Executive Director have turned over. We had a strategy meeting last week that mimicked a Table Group offsite (read “The Advantage” by Patrick Lenicioni). We exited the meeting with these statements:

• PHA exists to end the cycle of homelessness one child at a time…

• We focus on facilitating stable housing, education, and emotional stability for the homeless children of Orange County.

To answer what is important right now we landed on this statement. (It is a statement we will achieve and it still makes my heart smile)

• PHA will end the cycle of homelessness for 500 children in the next 12 months.

What a difference 3 years makes. PHA is becoming something. In that meeting there was a debate about applying business methodologies and tactics to a charity or foundation. I think the end result is that using this methodology Lencioni has come up with works for Clarity. And Clarity is something any and every organization needs. We left inspired. I can only imagine how those 500 kids will feel.

Moment #2 – My Dad’s birthday

I went to dinner tonight with my Dad for his birthday. He has a new girlfriend so I took him to a place called Starfish that is a great date spot. I have to make sure he still has a little game left so he can hook her in… ☺ We talked about all kinds of stuff at dinner. At one point he said, “It is so neat because I feel that in many ways I am standing on my dad’s shoulders and I am watching my children now standing on my shoulders. There will come a day when my grandchildren will stand on all our shoulders and I hope I am here to watch it with you all because it will be incredible to see.”

To know my dad is special. Because to most, it would seem he is referring to success in business or money. While that contributes, that is not totally what he means. What he is talking about is life…As with so many of us, it was his father’s goal to give his children a leg up for life and happiness. I could see in his eyes that he is wrapped in the warmth of knowing he has succeeded just as his father did.

Moment #3 – Reaching for Potential

The Present, The Future, Good Friends, and Execution. These four things in essence sum up my business life. I could write pages on what exactly those four things represent to me, but I won’t (yes, I heard the sigh of relief…). The important thing to know is that I have a plan for all of them. It involves PHA, Trace3, PoP, InstantScale, and Memento Mori. It also involves being a dad and a husband. My business life and my life are impossible to separate. None of it is about a career. All of it is about striving for greatness and making an impact.

I had many moments recently with people that made me realize my potential is in reach. It occurred in conversations with Jim, Manu, Tyler, Sam, Rajiv, Adriel, Cindy, Paul, Eric, Brandon, Sandy, Sanjiv, Danielle, Keith, Jason, Sosheel, Susana, and David Ross just to name a few. These conversations have helped me understand that this potential can be reached not by standing on top waving my arms, but by creating the foundation. I realized deep down in November 2013 that I have assembled teams that are very special in all my ventures. If I continue to focus on building those teams and give them shoulders to stand on, then I, for the first time have a chance to reach my potential. If my kids are watching, it could be quite a sight…

Needless to say, I am excited.

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