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Innovative Design, Expert Implementation

Optimize your IT infrastructure through Trace3’s emerging, scalable technologies and data management services.

Better Results Through Better Design

Innovative Expertise

With immersive insight on data center design, our expert engineers create and implement the world’s most innovative solutions by leveraging emerging, best of breed technologies and cross-platform expertise.

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Personalized Solutions

We take a user-centric, customized approach to such services as data storage, cloud networking, backup/archiving, and infrastructure virtualization to create information management solutions that fit your current needs—and that can grow to meet your future through scalable technologies.

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Proven Record

Rely on our history of success for your data management needs and solve your biggest challenges with Trace3.

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The Right Approach for Your Data Center Needs


We build data center solutions to fit your business:

  • Tiered storage
  • Replication and disaster recovery
  • Data governance
  • Regulatory/compliance procedures


To manage and protect your data, we leverage many advanced technologies and processes:

  • Operational data backup
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Regulatory/compliance procedures


Our approach to networking satisfies increased data and applications while meeting growing demands on the enterprise network:

  • Highly available application networking
  • Centralized cloud networking
  • Advanced networking tools and monitoring capabilities


Maximize your resources by simplifying your IT infrastructure:

  • Consolidation of excess hardware
  • Increased server utilization
  • Single-point of control for virtual infrastructure management
  • Automation for peak performance