Category: The Cloud

MAR 01, 2016

Two hyperconverged trends that will determine who leads market

By Anoj Willy, Vice President, Cloud Solutions, Trace3 I was speaking to a friend who is a real car-aficionado and he lamented on how he used to go looking at cars with his father and ask questions about the piston pressure, rotations-per-minute, and even fuel-injection stats. “Nowadays people don’t even ask those questions” he said, […]

SEP 18, 2015

Daring to Be Innovative

By Chad Cardenas, President and CIO, Trace3 Inc. At Trace3 we believe all possibilities in business come from technology. We believe in the ascension of IT. We believe CIOs are the true business leaders of tomorrow. And no question, through our innovation strategy, we believe we can help the majority of CIOs believe that there […]

AUG 15, 2015

Yep. It’s finally official. We all have ADD.

By Todd Gallina – VP, Marketing, Trace3 A few weeks ago, I was on a call trying to get advice on the best way to present material that has a ton of business value. As always in technology, delivering impactful content that communicates substantial benefits is paramount, but it’s also a bit complicated. I use the word […]