Anthony Christie

SEP 06, 2016
Anthony is the Chief Operations Officer at Trace3, The Premier Transformative IT Solutions provider. In his role at Trace3 Anthony is responsible to insure that the Trace3 brand and unique approach to innovation is enriched and extended for customer success. He has oversight of all pre and post sales architecture and engineering, consulting, managed and professional services, marketing and supplier/distribution management.
Anthony holds multiple degree’s from nationally accredited universities with a professional career spanning the United States, Asia Pacific, and Europe holding positions of Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Executive Vice President, and Managing Director. This extensive experience in Senior Leadership provides Anthony valuable expertise in marketing, strategic customer targeting, sales, product management, business development and operations for technology and telecommunications with a global perspective.
Being an avid reader, Anthony is constantly staying abreast of industry trends allowing him to have a keen eye on forward looking key emerging technologies. You will often find Anthony addressing industry trends on social media, @christieontech, or blogging on the Level 3 blog site, Additionally, Anthony is extremely attentive on keeping his organization focused on impacts to customers throughout the customer’s journey with the company. His experience has proven that companies are able to succeed when positive customer interactions are at the center of everything they do.
As an active member of the community, he holds a position on the advisory board of Colorado University Leeds School of Business and Colorado Business Marketing Association. He is also an accomplished R&B/Pop drummer, aspiring jazz drummer and a lifelong runner. Additionally, Anthony enjoys the great outdoors Colorado provides year-round with his wife and two daughters.